Mini Switzerland in India

Mini Switzerland in India

What makes khajjiar the mini switzenand of India Who doesn’t dream about going to Switzerland almost everybody has a fantasy regarding Switzerland be it freaks through the misty mountains or just sitting around and having chocolate be a honeymoon or a school a trip to Switzerland is the stuff which dreams are made of what if someone tells you that has a mean which would give you the exact feeling of being

You would dismiss if thinking that the person must be going bonkers right well you would be surprised upon learning the truth in himachal Pradesh on the hilly slopes of Himalayas exists a quaint little hamlet which match Switzerland in almost every aspect in the Chambal district the khajjiar hill station of himachal  Pradesh .

Is a part of the kalatop khajjiar sanctuary this hamlet is also one of the Himalayas there exists a quaint little hamlet which can match in almost every aspect situated in the Chambal district the khajjiar hill station of himachal  Pradesh is a part the kalatop khajjiar sanctuary this hamlet is also one they very few places on earth which can boast a threefold eco system lakes forests and mini Switzerland of India truly a sight to behold .

When and how to go

 This hill station is situated in the lap of the Himalayas which means that the weather there is cool through the year winters are harsh because of its geographic location and the monsoon season not advisable because it is a hilly terrain.

During monsoons landsilable are a common occurrence in hilly regions which leave stranded without any means of communication or transportation at times hence the safest time to visit khajjiar the spring and summer seasons the months from march to September excepting July august present the perfect time to undertake a trip Switzerland of India .

Going to the khanjjiar hill station is relatively easy once you reach Dalhousie there are cabs and share cabs available you can they also drive from chamba which is at a distance of 26 km from khajjiar.

Mini Switzerland in India

Primary reason for khajjiar being dubbed mini Switzerland

It all started they year 1992 on July 7 the then vice chancellor and  of the chancery of Switzerland India wily blazer called  khanjjiar the  mini sitzerland upon his instruction a sign board was installed at the place which they the distance of khanjjiar from Bern the capital of Switzerland .

He was so taken by the place that he even took a stone from khanjjiar and installed it among are stone collage in front of the Swiss parliament to remind them of the mini Switzerland thousands of miles away .

Things to do at khajjiar

1 Khajjar Lake

2 golden Devi temples

3 khajji nag temple

4 lord Shiva statue

5 adventure sports

1 Khajjar Lake

Perched at a massive height of 1920 this lake is easily one of the highest lakes in country and all over the world surrounded by deodar trees and pine forests the lake provides a view of the valley situated lower slope on clear sunny days majestic mount Kailas is visible at a distance the sparking water of the lake has a refreshing effect they on boyh the mind and the body you can just plop down the calm waters of the lake and enjoy a nice picnic with your loved ones.

2 Golden Devi temple

The golden Devi temple is one the most eminent tourist spots of the region situated near the khanjjiar lake this temple has turned in to quite a popular sport in recent years the simplistic design of the temple captures the hearts of every religious soul .

The calm and tranquil atmosphere surrounding the temple a nice from the din and bustier of the city the soothing environment is surely going to put in to a jovial mood driving away all the negative emotions from your mind and cap all off there is a golf cores nearby which offers some view of the scenery all round.

3 khajji nag temple

Built in the century this temple is considered to be the holiest shrine in the whole of himachal parades the khajji nag lord of serpents this temple received from all over the country and by association with their temple considered to be a holy site by the devotees the simplistic hints at subite influence of both Hindu and Muslim architecture

They temple is constructed entirely out of wood inner sanctum the idols of lord ganesha and hadimba the innermost chamber contains hanging of the panda as victory over the kauravas  in the epic battle of the.

4 lord Shiva statue

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This a majestic staue of the lord shiva scaling a height of 85 feet statue is one the tallest statues present in the entire state the statue looks during the winter with snow on it this will remind passersby of lord Shiva on the icy kailash mountain

5 adventure sports

Sloping valley presents idea al conditions enjoy some of the most  intense adventure sports the primary sports available here who arena too  gliding zorbing and horse riding Para the  primary sport while zorbing is a option for the ones who arena too athletic or fit to endure Para gliding horse riding is also a good option for everything who wishes to explore the vicinity.

The wonderland of natural beauty

State of himachal parades  is known for its natural beauty and imagine mixing that beauty with the of Switzerland that exactly what awaits you on this trip give yourself a break pack your take a hiatus  daily life  you will return a refreshed person so they what are you waiting for get ging for mini Switzerland of khajjar himachal Pradesh.

Dauladhar Mountains

Dense pines and lush green are characteristic of khajjiar since khanjjiar is situated at the base of the Dauladhar Mountains the tourists here can get views of the mountains

Kalatop khajjar sanctuary

The katatop khajjar sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary which has a wide variedly of flora fauna it is densely covered with deodar and fir forest the place is a favorite sport for picnics and they trekking

Khajjar Lake

Small lake surround by saucer shaped lush green meadow and a floating island the dense growth of weed called vacha made its earth spongy now the banks stand covered a thick layer of earth formed by the years they by dust setting down on the in weeds

This is It in Mini Switzerland in India . Check Other Articles for More interesting Posts.

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