A Visit to Lotus Temple

A Visit to Lotus Temple

Lotus temple is one of the prominent attractions of new delhi if is close to Nehru plaace one of thebusiest commercial hubs in the city the temple is built  in the shape of a lotus flower amidst the lush green landscape that tumup to a pleasant and tranquil ambience  lotus temple is one of the prominent attractions of new delhi it is close to Nehru place one of the busiest commercial hubs in the city the temple is built in the shape of a lotus flower amidst the lush green landscape that turn up to a pleasant and tranquil the bahai faith is a world religion whose purpose is to unite all races and peoples in one universal cause and common faith one of the seven bahai houses of worship has won laurels and applauds from all over the world for its impressive there are nine doors of the lotus temple which opens onto a central hall its vicinity comprises of gardens decorated with towering  trees short bushes and colourful flowers . Checkout A Visit to lotus temple here .

Kashnere gate delhi metro station to kalkaji mandir delhi metro station

Kashmiri gate metro station is a well known metro station of delhi and has been located 500 m from inter state bus terminal kashmiri gate metro station located on the yellow line of delhi metro and kakkaji mandir is located on the violet line of delhi metro 16 km and the travel time to reach kalkaji mandir from delhi metro 45 minutes  how to reach kalkaji mandir from kashmiri gate metro take the metro from kashmiri gate metro station on the yellow line and interchange at central secretariat metro station which is seventh metro station from kashmiri gate

Lotus temple delhi home of love peace and tranquility

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Dil walon ki dilli mein fir se apka swagat hai welcome to warmhearted delhi travelers identify it as a must see place in delhi I call it a home of love peace and tranquility it is the baha house of worship in delhi popular as the lotus temple the most visited edifices in the world inside the main hall lies the secret of the lotus temple the unifying spirits of mankind where people from all religion unite in search of the almighty where prayers speak the language of faith and not scriptures where not semons but blessings are delivered god without any musical chants or customary rituals being performed

Visitor information

Being a central highlight of delhi lotus temple is one of those religious attractions that bring all the religious together as its chief philosophy accepts every religious with an open heart this monument was accomplished in 1986 and is a foremost site to visit in delhi its aechitecture and structural design which can blow anyone mind

Mini tips

Traveler keep water bottles and snacks if you are going for a whole day but you can also check out the nearby

Things to do

Meditate in the serenity of this peaceful temple

Explore the quaint gardens situated in the temple

Savor the streets foods at the outlets nearby

Availability of guides

Guides are available for tourning lotus temple in both hindi and English

How to reach

The closet metro station to lotus temple is kalkaji madir metro station via violet line route moreover it is finely linked through public transportation and road network can either take buses or cabs to reach this place

Lotus temple

A Visit to Lotus Temple

Also known as the lotus temple the elegent bahai temple is a marvel of moderm architecture the temple has become a landmark of delhi and must visit for tourists to the national capital the temple serves as the bahai house of worship in the Indian subcontinent visited bt four million people annually the temple is one of the major attractions in new delhi it is one of the most visited buildings in the world surpaassing even the Eiffel tower and taj mahal the building is considered one of the wonders of the 20th century and the architect has been honoured with several awards for his feat the temple represents the bahai faith which is broad in its outlook and emphasizes the unity of all humankind it signifies equality of all relogous and emphasizes on elimination of prejudices

About lotus temple delhi

Lotus temple delhi is one of the most sought after places to visit attracting tourists from all over the world  it is one of the seven major bahai temples in the world located to the eastern side of Nehru place bahai temple delhi was built in 1986 and since then it has been mesmerizing visitors with its structural beauty and symbolism of oneness .

Architecture of lotus temple

Delhi kamal temple was built by the Iranian architect fariborz sahba who wonmany awards for this architectural masterpiece as the name suggests it is in the shape of a lotus flower it is one the six major  bahai houses of worship rest of six are in Sydney Australia panama city panama Wilmette usa apia western Samoa  built with marble the temple is in the shape of a half opened lotus with 27 petals the intricate design of the temple showcasing the everlasting charm of a lotus is an exampleof brilliance flower is connected with various other major religious of the repressing harmony  a lot of hard work has work has also gone into marking this captivating temple for insfance petols of the lotus flower were convered in a continous work  of 48 hours this was done to avoid construction joints    

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