Reasons To Visit Jaipur

Reasons To Visit Jaipur

Reasons to Visit Jaipur

The royal land of the rajputs and maharajas there are many reasons to visit jaipur the innumerable fairs and festivals held here the interesting activites for tourists shopping at the back lane markets and best of all to see the mighty forts and palaces there visit jaipur there is something new about the pink city of rajas than.

Here are the top reasons to visit jaipur

Historical forts and palaces

The pink city is filled with various old havelis pink buildings in the oid city, and palaces and forts that draw attention from tourists all over the world. There are the most famous attractions of jaipur inclulding defense forts, palace residences etc.

Few famous palaces in jaipur are

1  amber palace

Also kniwn as amer fort this is one of the biggest you have to take taxi or elephant ride up the hill

2  hawa mahal

Palace of winds is a five storey house constructed for the royal family

3 jal mahal palace

Take an evening walk as the sun kisses the pink sandstone  walls of jal mahal standing in the blue waters of the man sagar lake and a great place for bords

Try rajasthani cuisine at chokhi dhani

If you have heard about chokhi dhani the village resort common village form of dinner on a lesf on the floor to the lovish dining style experience of a king you can select one of your choice the famous dalbatti, churma and many other authentic rajasthani.there are also activites in the 5 star village resort like puppet show and folk dance performance

Festival s events

1 teej festival

It is the most famous festival thatis ceiebrated to welcome the harvest festival in rains important festival in the first week of august month

2 gangaur

Reasons To Visit Jaipur

This is important for the females as they pray to goddess gauri for their husband long living and marital happiness this major festival is celebrated 2 weeks after holi and a massive procession takes place throughout the city of jaipur elephant festival where decorated elephants play polo,camel festival with camel races the famous pushkar fair which is live stock mela and many more

Shopping at johari bazaar

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This is one of the top shopping places in jaipur with all colorful thangs to sell. This market does not permit bargaining as most market in the country it is an important thing to do, the pink city of jaipur is known for the shopping places that sell all ranges of things when you to visit one of the top tourist destinations in jaipur johari bazaar in jaipur which is situated in front of this palace of winds you can get just anything from girls jewelry to blue pottery

Explore history of jaipur at city palace

The city palace jaipur is one of the greatest altractions of the pink city a section of this massive palace is reserved for the last ruling royal family.there are so many palaces and structures within this walled city palace of jaipur the walk inside this palace will let you explore the history the walk or journey inside the city palace gives an insight into the centuries back architecture history and the way of life of the kings and royals

Elephant ride

The elephant saferi has a lengthy queue for tickets and you have to be early like 9 am to book the ride.

It gives time for to see the nature around you and the massive fort walls there are nearly 1000 visitirs a day and less than 100 elephants, the 20-30 minute joy ride ar elephant safari. Government to make sure that there is least guilty to these broken and painted huga creatures the owner mahout of any elephant.

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