Chini Ka Rauza

Chini Ka Rauza

Is a funerary monument Rauza in agar India containing the tomb of afzal khan shiraz a scholar and poet who was the prime minister of the mughal emperor shah jahan tomb was built in 1635 the Chini Ka Rauza is situated just 1 kilometer north of tomb on the eastern bank of Yamuna river in agar and 2 kilometers away format mahal


Also known as china tomb this is the mausoleum afzal khan who was a Persian poet durining the reign of later he became the wazir during shah Jinan reign khan died in Lahore 1639 and was buried here at Agra


Chini Ka Rauza

They structure architecture style is unusual because of the exotic architectural style is unusually plain possessing a sultanate style dome to the inclement weather the various types of enamel colors have worn away from the tiles the facades builders used pots to reduce the weight of the concrete filling was followed in Rome and Egypt

Chini ka Rauza is beloved to be the first structure in India to have been embellished extensively using glazed tiles and is regarded by many as a signification landmark in indo Persian architecture it is the mausoleum of mughal  Shan jahan prime minister afzal khan alma who was also known as maul shukrullah 1635 in etmadpur and is just a kilometer away from the tomb of itemed up doula the monument is situated and is renowned for its blue glazed tiles tiles were made using porcelain believed to have been gardens and is renowned for its blue glazed tiles from china they were called china milt Chinese clay the time while some of these are partially intact on the façade the interiors are fairly well preserved and feature floral designs that are unique to a signature art style.

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Chini ka rauza overview

Chini ka rauza is the tomb of afzal khan a Persian poet who was also a minster in the court of shah jahan tomb is a landmark of indo Persian and is the first building in India to be adorned with glazed title work china ka rauza is a brown rectangular building yet its most

Striking feature remains its tiles or chini in different building hues such as turquoise orange yellow and green inside of the tomb is decorated with now fading paintwork and from the Quran

Chini ka rauza in Agra

Chini Ka Rauza

One of the important monuments of Agra it’s a mausoleum that is situated in at one km distance from tomb of itemed doulas and very close to taj mahal located at the esteem bank of river Yamuna tomb is dedicated to llama afzal khan.

Mullah Shukrullah Shiraz or afzal khan was then prime minster in the court of mughal emperor shah jahan and was also famous under the of alumni it is said that he built his own mausoleum following the Tartary tradition in 1639 with elaborate he glazed tiles as the medium to create the

Beautiful monument that would distance his tomb forever from others every part of this unique monument is with bold color schemes and the material known as porcelain the name was given to it because porcelain from with the tiles are made is known as china or chimes clay and said to be brought from china.

Best time to visit in chini ka Rauza

The monument is open through hour day and through haut the week the best time to visit the monument is during winter provides excellent climate which suits sightseeing

Chini Ka Rauza

Where is the chini ka Rauza located

This is a half our in which we pick you from your hotel in Agra and your guided tour includes the visit of tomb of lamed ad doula well known for paintings and tessellated work later you explore chini ka Rauza which has praiseworthy tilled finally you visit the garden tomb of Babur known as ram bags later we will drop you back to your hotel in Agra .

Why chini ka Rauza is so famous

The architecture of the monuments is the first attraction here tomb has two main gates one in the south and other the north tower is three stored and is in octagonal shape most of the monuments is in tomb are another attractions here with inlay works and china tiles work is abounded in this monuments due to time and weather many enamel have been worn out and the calling are damaged the has earthen posts to reduce the weight to filling just the monuments.

When to visit

One can visit chini ka Rauza during the winters when the climate is pleasant for a day’s trip to explore and experience the magnificence the monument begin from November and are very from hot but if you can tolerate the heat here you should visit the place the place is open from morning is evening on all days.

This is it in Chini Ka Rauza Check Other Important Updates Below.



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