Bangla Sahib Nearest Metro Station

Bangla Sahib Nearest Metro Station

Get the details on how to reach gurudwara bangle sahib If there is one place by Delhi which warmly welcomes people from all walks of life under the all canopy of universal brother hood it is gurudwara bangle sahib located in are Connaught place. Patel Chowk Metro Station is Bangla Sahib Nearest Metro Station.

Bangle sahib is associated with the ninth Sikh guru her Krishna legend has it that the gurudwara was originally a place with a small are well in its premises raja jai Singh a noble king use to live in this place for 17 century during his visit to Delhi in 1664 guru her Krishna stayed in the place for some and he played a key role in absolving the citizens of smallpox and cholera epidemic guru would selflessly serve the diseased drawing water from the well however by a quirk of fate the guru himself fell prey to the disease and passed away to honor the self spirit of the saint raja jai sing pond over the place where the well was till date it is believed that the water tank has the power cure diseases and maladies

Bangla Sahib Nearest Metro Station

Gurudwara bangle sahib complex is visit and comprises a large communal kitchen a for offering worship baba bagel museum a hospital and a school the food prepared for the holy is cooked and served round the clock by the devout volunteers people back assemble at the dinning half to feast on the humble but delicious fare .

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Gurudwara bangle sahib formerly the bungalow sized residence belonging to raja jai Singh was locally known jaisinghpura palace later his him was converted in to gurudwara it named after the 8 Sikh guru her Krishna sahib as a tribute it stands site for all Sikh devotees located on baba karat Singh mars close to Connaught place this golden domed gurudwara is visited by people of various religions races and comprises the main gurudwara the server the yeti newts and a school there is one hospital one museum and also one art gallery functioning in its basement.

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