Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

The Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary Kerala India it consents of the catchment area of the katakana river which originates from chemmunjimottai the tallest hill within the sanctuary the sanctuary is named after the prepare dam commissioned in 1983 to augment the drinking water supply  to thiruvananthapuram city and suburban areas considering the ecological significance of the area it was declared a sanctuary in 1963 terrain is uncludating with ranging from 100 m to 1717 m the area of the sanctuary is 75 km2 with tropical moist evergreen and myristica swamps part of the apathy amole biosphere reserve prepare wildlife sanctuary is 44 by car from the railway station and 49 kilometers from the thiruvananthapuram airport.

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

Biology and ecology

Forest types include west coast tropical evergreen southern hilltop topical evergreen west coast semi evergreen southern moist deciduous forest my rustics swamp forest sub Montana valley forest etc .

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Sanctuary has several mammals’ birds’ reptiles and amphibians 233 species of birds 46 species of reptiles of fishes are reported from the sanctuary the common mammals found are tiger leopard sloth bear elephant samba

First official action towards the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity in Kerala was taken in 1934 by the maharaja of Travancore cithara batarama Varna by declaring the forests around Perilya take as a private reserve to stop the encroachment of tea was founded reserve it was consolidated as a sanctuary in 1950 after the political of India

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary


Perilya national park lies in the middle of a area of the hills in the north nearest to the medaganam in the interstate boundary up to vellimalal and the east thence the boundary follows the inter from peak the other prominent peaks within the park are pachayamata vellimala sunderamla his sanctuary surrounds Perilya lake a reservoir measuring which was formed when the erected in 1895 the recovery and the Perilya river meander around the contours of the wooded hills

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