Ramnagar Fort

Ramnagar Fort

The Ramnagar Fort is a fortification in ramnagar Varanasi India is located near the gangs on its eastern bank opposite to the Tulsa gnat the sandstone structure was in the mughal style in 1750 by kasha naresh bal want Singh at present the fort not in a good shape the current king and the of the fort is anent narayan Singh as the maharaja of Benares even though royal title has been since 1097

Ramnagar Fort

The ram nagar fort bears brilliant testimony of a civilization that disappeared the Moghul Empire the building was constructed with creamy chuan sandstone it was built in typical mughal style of architecture with engraved BAL comes open court yards and rotundas fort was built on high ground

Kasha naresh raja BAL want Singh built it in 1750 and housed a Veda vyasa temple and a residential complex it also has a museum and a dashing much temple of hanuman facing the south current king anant narayan Singh is the maharaja of Varanasi though the royal title has been abolished in 1971

Ramleela fair started since the 18th century month long festival depicting the life of Rama ending up in ten day battle between Rama Ramayana ram nagar got its name flanked by two area of the king of kasha a small portion is open for the public

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The fort is at a scenic location on the esteem right bank of the gangs river opposite the Varanasi Ghats 14 kilometers from Varanasi and 2 from the Benares Hindu university by the newly built bridge with the bridge built it hardly takes 10 minutes to reach the fort from but ride to the fort from in Varanasi takes about a painted state barge with a twin emblems in the form of horses could be seen moored to the landing stage

Ramnagar Fort

There is a well laid out garden within the fort forms the approach to the place


The ram agar fort was built by kasha naresh BAL want Singh in 1750 inscriptions on the outer ramparts the fort date it to the seven tenth

The building was constructed creamy colored churner sandstone is built in typical mughal style of architecture fort houses the Veda

And the king’s residential complex there is also a dishing mukhi temple of hanuman which faces towards south


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