Tomb of Akbar The Great

Tomb of Akbar The Great

The tomb of Akbar in the great located in sikandra in the of agar is an important mushily by architecture which was built between 1605 -1613 Akbar commercial the construction by all the tomb of Akbar this tomb according to Tartary traditions in the very decide of tomb is the largest with four in inside are Akbar mainly taj medal the buildings are construed from deep red are very tomb in the Akbar.

Akbar tomb

Tomb of Akbar The Great

The tomb of the mighty mughal emperor Akbar is situated in the outskirts of Agra emperor got his tomb monument constructed while he was alive as his are tomb as his final resting place his son Jahangir finished the complete which is totally done with sandstone and white marble the monument that is founded in spikenard within the suburbs agar in the tomb himself while living is part of the Tartary tradition which Akbar followed by the his tomb toward the rising in the tomb.

History of Akbar tomb

Emperor Akbar while he was alive selected the place for his final resting place design of the gardens around tomb took care of the construction his own tomb while the entire was constructed through it his son emperor Jahangir famously known as price slim occlusion are floor marble stone over the thus he completed the structure of his emperor father tomb.

Aurangzeb was known as a tough and strict or ruthless leader who offended the feelings many Hindus temples were destined during his reign this led to a massive revolt by the jets take revenge for the death his father the raja ram jet ordered the revolt and attacks this king so they attached the massive Agra in the took away huge amounts of ornaments jewelry stones and precious metals diamonds the tomb burnet and even cremated the bones of emperor Akbar that was totally by tomb.

Reign of Akbar the great

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The emperor Akbar I the great had been ruling the country from 1556 or 1605 he consolidated the power and might of his dynasty he Munhall empire was growing and developing rapidly the echoic situation in India was getting better military state and egregious reforms were carried out great steps forward were made in art and colure Akbar the great s conclusion best Muslim ruler and is stroll highly respected in India of the reign.

Following the traditions of the tenured dynasty Akbar I begin building his own tomb in sikandra in 1600 unfortunately  had died before the tomb was flinched in 1613 8 years after Akbar the great his son Jahangir finished the construction of his father tomb.

Destruction of the emperor tomb

Tomb of Akbar The Great

At the beginning of the century the jets tribe rebelled against the great mughal the invaders took over the control of Agra fort were sacking everything on their way tomb of Akbar suffered from jets tribe his grave was opened and the pervious burdening of the tomb in Akbar.

How does Akbar tomb look?

You can enter tomb Akbar the great through arch which is encrusted with geometrical mausoleum is built in the form of the pyramid with expensive materials marble and red sandstone walls inside ornamented with geometrical patters and few floral design buildings are the tomb has 5 tiers however top tiers been barred to the public the last level is crowned with by tomb.

Marvelous territory and symbols in architecture

Tempter of the mausoleum is the fenced park with four gates with four gates which are directed to four cardinal directions north east and west however you enter the part only through the south gate others have a decorative function is all the tomb ornamented with incredible mosaics and all of them have a minaret of while marble are by tomb

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The square storey’s have arcaded verandah with arcades and cluster of kiosks on each side some of the kiosks in  second storey have marble pyramidal rolls while the rest are crowned by cupolas in the tomb small square room.

Top most storey is entirely made up of white marble it has a square court which is open to sky central by tomb courtyard is enclosed in all the sides by slender arches and piers and divided in to bays which has been roofed in the at the scent rue of the courtyard lies a square platform over which a white is laid out tomb all the begging are by the tomb.

Tips for visiting Here

Foreign tourists with Agra development authority toll ticket of in 500 taj mahal do not require to purchases

This place is in the outskirts of Agra called sikandra and by are so many monkeys visitors must takes care of their personal

Watch out for various specials such as deer antelope rarely bird here

It is enrooted Fatehpur skirl which is one of the top tourist destination also plan to visit Agra are same day trip.

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