10 Offbeat Destinations to Explore in Mussoorie

10 offbeat destinations to explore in Mussoorie

10 Offbeat Destinations to Explore in Mussoorie

Serene Views, spectacular waterfalls, majestic mountains, blooming flowers, aroma of greenery in the air, and captivated snow-capped mountain views, what else can you ask for a soothing escape? From charming surroundings to bustling markets, Mussoorie is a perfect place for a dreamy vacation. This beautiful hill town is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Branded as the queen of hills, Mussoorie has its own charm that attracts tourists throughout the world. Whether you are a nature lover or a literary Greek this place is all set to offer you endless memories.  

Mussoorie town is blessed with various offbeat destinations that you should definitely explore for a superb vacation. This blog will introduce you to the 10 offbeat destinations that you must explore on your Mussoorie trip. 

10 offbeat destinations to explore in Mussoorie


Also, a home to various famous personalities like Ruskin Bond, Landour is the best place for people who love to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the town. The tranquility of the place is perfect for healing your soul. 

Kempty fall 

Kempty Falls is one of the top destinations in Mussoorie town. It is a popular picnic spot where you can enjoy water splash and various fun activities. 

Camel’s Back Road

A peaceful and calm walk on the camel’s back road will bring you complete tranquility. It is a 3-kilometer road famous for the natural formation of rocks in the shape of camel humps. 

The Mall Road 

Mall Road is the must-see place in Mussoorie. The place has a variety of things to do and various activities to participate in. 

Mossy Falls 

Mossy Falls is a picturesque destination that is situated among dense green forests. If you want to visit a place for taking a dip in the cold mountain water than Mossy Falls is the best place for you. 

Lal Tibba 

Lal Tibba also known as Red Hill is one of the oldest and populous places to explore on your Mussoorie trip. Here you can experience landscaping the beauty of mountains and beautiful sunsets.  Do check Reasons to Visit Mussoorie in Winter Season 

Happy Valley 

Happy Valley is a popular place renowned for its temples, estates, and gardens. 

10 offbeat destinations to explore in Mussoorie

Company Garden 

Company Garden is a picturesque location that has a variety of flowers and amusement parks. Here you can also enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. 

Sister Bazaar 

Sister Bazaar is a perfect place to quell your inner shopaholic by purchasing amazing things. 

Cloud’s End 

Cloud’s End is a vantage point which considered perfect for witnessing the entire hill station. This place is perfect to fill your eyes and soul with immense peace.

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